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Dreaming on

I have been thinking a lot about the comments on my “Dream On!” post.

And you are all right:

  • I am pretty adventurous
  • It is never too late to start (or restart) doing stuff that makes me happy
  • Life does not end at 40
  • I should be living the life I want to live

So – THANK YOU!  I needed that kick up the butt. 

I also need to realise that while Little OL is little it is going to be harder, but she won’t be little forever and even when she is little it does not mean that I can’t get out there and do something for myself.  Now I just need to plan for it a bit better.  I also need to get Mr OL on board.

I must also stop being so critical of my life.  I do actually love it!  I am training again and it is awesome.  Slow, but awesome!  Did I mention that we saw zebra and a couple of giraffe on the cycle yesterday morning?  (See I really need that camera… lol)

And lots of people would consider my Friday night sea swims pretty adventurous.  We have seen dolphins, rays and even a shark.

I think what I am going to do is write a list of everything I could do next year.  Narrow it down to one or two largish events (for the sanity of Mr OL) and maybe add a few smaller ones (for my sanity) then work hard at making them happen.  And try to take photos!  I mean they don’t really count unless there are photos – right.

First one on on the list is on the 22 January 2012 – I am dong the East London 70.3 Ironman.  (it is ½ the distance of a full Ironman).  I can’t wait although I am getting rather nervous.  It is 11 weeks away.

And just for the record.

  • I would LOVE a decent SLR!