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I listened – eventually.

I don’t seem to be blogging that much at the moment (stating the obvious).  I am not sure why, it just feels as if I don’t have all that much to say – or don’t know what to say.  I am going to start with how my weekend went.

It started off great!  My sister and I did a sea swim on Friday, the sea was rough (ish) but clear and awesome.  For some reason I prefer it with swell and chop as opposed to flat?  Yes, I know – not normal. 

It all went a bit pear shaped training wise from that point in.

I was supposed to do a Masters and Ladies cycle race on the Saturday morning.  My alarm was set for 4:45, however Little OL decided at 4:20 that she would wake up.  After trying to get her back to sleep for the next 40 minutes I woke Mr OL to watch her.  I needed to get to the start of the race – which I missed anyway!

My group starts before most of the other groups (yes, I am that slow), and I was late – only by a minute or so but still.  On the way past one of my friends I jokingly said to her “I think I should give up now and go back to bed” I did not know how right I was….

After cycling for only 1.6kms I got a puncture.  As I was busy changing it all the rest of the groups passed me.  I changed the tire and cycled the whole 1.6km back to my car and went home.  I am a firm believer that the universe looks after me.  I maybe did not listen to the first 2 warnings that for some reason I should not be cycling that day, but by the time it came to warning 3 I was all ears.

The rest of my weekend was great – Little OL is just getting cuter and cuter!