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Thrown out!

I am spitting MAD!

Yesterday our Nanny went to court. 

After suffering many years of abuse at the hands of her husband she finally found the courage to charge him with assault and leave him.  What did the courts do?  Find him guilty of beating her so badly he has permanently damaged the ligaments in her knee?  Find him guilty of knocking out her teeth, or nearly breaking her arm?  Nope – they told her to give him another chance, threw the case out and gave them a number for a counselor.

How many chances does she need to give him?  He has been doing this to her for 8 years! Finally the poor woman has the courage and strength to leave him and what is everyone saying – oh shame poor him.  Go back! 

I am livid!  All she wanted was some vindication from the courts, somebody to say that what he has been doing to her all this time was wrong.  Somebody to say he was guilty.   But no – SHE must give HIM another chance. 

I am so proud of her for sticking with this, even when it feels that nobody is supporting her.  His family and even some of her friends believe she should stay with him as he is her husband and that is a wife’s duty.  At least her family is standing by her.  My worry is now how bad is it going to be, it is as if he can do anything and get away with it. 

So much for 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence!