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Reasons to feel good

On the radio they had a call in section where people had to call in and say why they feel good.  I am going to list my reasons here.

  • My gorgeous little girl has started giving squeeze cuddles.  LOVE them.
  • And running up to me to give me kisses – awwwww
  • Its 20 minutes till home time
  • 3 days till holiday
  • We are going out for dinner tonight.
  • I can once again call myself a triathlete.  I did my second one in 2 weeks yesterday.  I have missed it!
  • I got my average speed up on my bike to 27km/hour in the triathlon above.  Not where it was but fun anyway.  I discovered “cruising altitude”.  Love it when my bike hit that spot.  Wind behind you, highest gear, in aero position.

So what are your reason(s) to feel good?

5 thoughts on “Reasons to feel good

  1. I just love how balanced your list is: you start off with cuddles from family, countdown to holiday, then move on to food (going out for dinner) then end off with some goals being reached with your training.

  2. Last day of work so feeling good as well. We’re heading out on holiday on Saturday so I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I have done forward posts for both my blogs so they will still come up on your feeds every day, I just won’t be commenting as I’m not taking the laptop along.

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