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Historic Post

This is a historic post – it is the first post using internet at home.  1st time EVER!  I have always gained access either at work or from my phone.  Mr OL always said he is not getting internet at home because he would never see me.

AND it is my 500th post on this blog!!!

I think he must be sick of seeing me, because it was his idea. Well that and the fact that he got himself an iPhone.   Then decided that he needs an iPad as well.  Then realised that he needs access to the internet to get it to work. 

It was quite funny when he realised that he also needed a PC or Mac to get the thing set up… and he does not have one.  Not even at work as they work through a network or server or something.  Hee hee…. guess who has a laptop.  So he had to be nice to me.

He is now set up and playing on his iPad on the couch.  I am on my laptop at the table and peace is reigning in our house. 

I can’t say that you will be hearing more from me though.  I am normally in bed pretty soon after Little OL goes down.

HOpe you are all having a good festive season.

Haga Haga, Eastern Cape

5 thoughts on “Historic Post

  1. That is such a poignant photo…she is so little and the beach is so large. Glad you have internet at home now…so no more excuses not to blog regularly;-)

    Happy New Year my friend…hope this year holds many blessings for you.

  2. Thank you and the same to you. I love this photo, although it is a bit deceptive as Mr OL was within a hands grab away

  3. I laughed when I read this post. My hubby was always complaining that I was “obsessed” with twitter. He even out down some rules as to how much time I tweeted! Then he discovered Angry Birds and has been addicted ever since. He now says, “are you gonna tweet?” That’s my cue… Happy New Year!

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