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A few minutes more….

It is amazing what a difference a few minutes makes

This morning I woke up before my alarm.  I then made the fatal mistake at looking at the time – 3:58 am.  Somehow that just seemed too early to be awake.  There was a 3 at the front of the time.  Oh my word.  3 am! Who in their right minds gets up at 3 am to train – 4 am just seems so much more respectable….

Talking about training… Ironman South Africa 70.3 or more commonly known around these parts as “The Half” is in less than 2 weeks.  I have been so worried about the cycle that I kind of just forgot about the other two disciplines… I have not done much swimming or running and am now beginning to stress a little bit about it.  Especially the swim – there could be a possibility that I don’t even make the swim cut off and am not allowed to continue on the bike.  Then all my cycle training would have been for nothing!!!  

Well, not exactly for nothing. I have loved it, I am so happy to be back out on the road, getting fit again.  I feel good about myself and have been spending a lot of time with my sister.  But still – I would like to finish this race!

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The 1st of many

Today was Little OL’s first day at playschool.

I knew she would be fine, she is a social child but a wave, a blown kiss, even a backward glance would have been nice.  Nope, she heard the other kids from the car – cried out “baba”, smiled and ran inside. 

My big girl!

(Edited to add – Note to self:  Get the grass cut)

And in she runs!
My little baby is growing up.  I mean, any day now she will be 2…..