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The 1st of many

Today was Little OL’s first day at playschool.

I knew she would be fine, she is a social child but a wave, a blown kiss, even a backward glance would have been nice.  Nope, she heard the other kids from the car – cried out “baba”, smiled and ran inside. 

My big girl!

(Edited to add – Note to self:  Get the grass cut)

And in she runs!
My little baby is growing up.  I mean, any day now she will be 2…..

4 thoughts on “The 1st of many

  1. Yes, get grass cut!

    As I said on FB – that is exactly the type of response you want. You want her to be confident and outgoing and not needy and whiney. Shows you’re raising her the right way.

    Hope her day was great and that tomorrow’s drop off goes just as well x

  2. She is so cute and it is great that she has so much confidence at such a young age. I read between the lines that the mommy was much more emotional than the little one.

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