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We are family

In 10 days my brother, sister and I will be doing “The Half” in East London (Ironman 70.3).  Yip, that is right, all three siblings have signed up.  It is just a pity that we don’t all start together.  It starts in waves so my brother will go separately. 

I must admit that entering “The Full” has crossed my mind a couple of times.  It will be the first time my brother has done it and it would be amazing to stand at the start with the two of them when the cannon signalled the start. 

The start of course would be the last time I saw them.  My brother, who before November had never done a triathlon, has discovered he is pretty good at it.  He is on a borrowed bike, a size or 2 too small for him and is still flying.  He is going to do well.

But as tempting as it is I am not going to enter the full Ironman.  The training is hectic and with working full time I see so little of Little OL as it is.  So, I will be there at the start and at the end, but as a spectator.

It will be my sister’s 5th Ironman South Africa.  We did our first ones together in 2007 and she has only missed one since then as she was living in London.

Myself, my sister and a friend - Terry at the start in 2010

One thought on “We are family

  1. Well done guys! My fiancee, her father, almost brother in law and myself are training for the Taupo Ironman (Ironman New Zealand). Great to have your family around.
    I’m a physio, posting weekly updates on our training and tips that we pick up along the way, come and check it out if your interested.
    I’ll be keeping an eye on your progress, wishing you all the best!

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