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2784 – DNS

Did Not Start  😦

So it was not to be…

After waking up with a cold on Friday morning it just got progressively worse over the day and in to Saturday.  I carried on taking the Viral Guard and other things, got lots of sleep and tried to remain optimistic. We drove through to East London, and I even checked my bike in on Saturday evening on the off chance that I would feel better on the Sunday morning.

Bike Checked in


Transition during bike check in

On Sunday, the morning of the race, I woke up feeling slightly better.  I got dressed, covered myself in sunscreen and sat down to eat breakfast and think – how did I really feel??  Did I feel good enough to do a 1.9km swim, a 90km cycle followed by a 21.1km run?  The answer was no. 

I remembered reading an interview with Chrissie Wellington on her decision on to do race Kona 2 years ago. She said that she thought to herself – if it was a normal training day would she go out?  The answer was no, so she did not do Kona.  A huge decision for her as she was defending champion.  I was not in the same situation, but asked myself the same question.  My answer was also no.

I got undress out of my triathlon clothes and put on normal clothes to go down and watch the start.  I was fine with my decision, until I saw my mom.  How sweet are these t-shirts she had made….


But all in all I know I made the right decision.  I might have been able to finish, but I also might have seriously injured or damaged myself.

For me the outcome of the race was the same, whether I did it or not.  This time it was not about the challenge of finishing.  I know I can do that distance, hell, I know I can do double that distance.  For me it was all about setting myself a goal and forcing myself to get back onto the bike, back into the water and back into a training schedule and the race did that.  I love training again and finishing (or even starting) the race had nothing to do with that.