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Things I know for sure

Oh well, I guess it was not a bug that was going to go easily.  I am still man down with a cold (flu).  It sucks, but at least I know for sure that there is no way I could have done the race.

Other things I know for sure:

  • Little OL is the cutest little thing ever – even when sick and even when getting me sick.
  • I spend too much on paper, any kind of paper.  My latest purchases include but are not limited to
    •  a moleskin note pad (love it)
    •  6 colours x 35 sheets each of tissue paper (the gift wrap kind – not the snot nose kind although I have been using that in abundance too),
    • scrap book paper (I don’t scrapbook)
    • pretty paper napkins
    • paper doilies (don’t ask)
  • I get obsessed about something and investigate it to death – then move on.
  • I need another goal 

What do you know for sure?

4 thoughts on “Things I know for sure

  1. This is the worse time of the year to get flu…sending you healing prayers and lots of hugs.

    I giggled when I read about your paper purchases and just want to say: “Welcome to my world”.


  2. Ha! Thanks for making me laugh…needed that today.

    Right now, I can safely say that the only thing I know for sure is that I dont know much for sure. 😉

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