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I cannot believe my daughter turns 2 this month.  Time really has flown.


Gorgeous Little OL


Over the past two years she has grown from a tiny little baby to a very independent little toddler.  She does not like me to do anything for her. This includes dressing her, brushing her teeth and hair or feeding her all of which poses a bit of a problem as she has not quite mastered them herself yet.  She has mastered the art of undressing though – which also poses a bit of a problem.  Thankfully it is summer so most of the time I just let her run around with nothing on.

For her 2nd Birthday I have decided to do a Teddy Bear’s Picnic party.  I love organising parties – which was probably just as well in my last job seeing as I was an events co-ordinator…

Anyway – in my quest for ideas I have come across some fantastic sites.  I found a tutorial on making a plastic icing teddy bear – which I attempted last night and am so impressed with myself. The tutorial is fantastic – so easy to follow (and remember)

Plastic Icing teddy Bear - 1st attempt

I also came across this site for this woman in Durban  and her company Cupcake D’lights who decorates the most astounding cakes and cupcakes.  She is a pure artist.  Her enchanted garden cake is just absolutely unbelievable.  Wow.

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  1. I can’t believe its two years already. Wow!

    We also had a teddybear picnic for Megan’s birthdat one year. Everybody who were invited was asked to bring their teddy along. Colddrink was served from a little kettle in Megan’s play teaset cups and cupcakes were eaten out of the little plates. My sister even dressed her baby and teddy the same.

    1. So cute. We have also asked everyone to bring their teddies. I have not thought about Little OL and her teddy dressing the same yet. Cute idea though.

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