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I am having a bad year race wise.  On Sunday it was the Herald Cycle Tour, 105km.  I was not too worried about the distance, I was a bit worried that I was not totally over my flu and I was also a bit worried about it being a cycle race.  I don’t do bunches very well.

Those should have been the least of my worries.  I was having a great race, totally loving it!  Until about the 60km mark.  The wind picked up and we were head on into it and would be for the next 45 kms.  Not only that but my thighs started to absolutely ache.  I don’t know how to describe it except that my legs have never ever been that sore.  It felt a bit like shin splints but in my thighs.  I was however still overtaking people and thought I would be ok – until a bunch in front of me went down and I got off my bike.  I could NOT get back on.  I just wanted to cry my legs were that sore.  This was at about the 70km mark.  I managed another km and then decided to phone my mom.  I just could not carry on.

My legs carried on aching for another hour or so and then – nothing….. I was not even stiff the next day.  It was the weirdest thing.  I have ridden twice since then and both times fine.

So- 2012 has started with a “DNS – Did Not Start” and a “DNF – Did Not Finish” not good.  But I suppose it can only get better??