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DIY Cake Stands

For all my saying “I hate Pinterest” I do spend a remarkable amount of time on it and have found some quite fun ideas.  One of them was cake stands made from candle holders (or glasses or terracotta pots or basically anything).  I had two candle sticks that I found in a second hand store for R1 each, obviously to good to let go and I knew that some day I would find a use for them.

Two old candle sticks - R1 each (bargain)

When I was getting ready for Little OL’s party I remembered them, as well as a post I had found from Sugarbelle via Pinterest.  All I needed was some spray paint and a little bit of time. Finding the time on a day that was not windy proved to be teh hardest part… do you know how windy it is in PE in February???

I sanded them down a bit, washed them and then sprayed each one with a different colour.  One thing I will say is that my spray painting skills are seriously lacking!  I am however happy with the end result, if I turn them around and face the drips away from me.  Instead of glueing the plate to the top I just used prestik.

Prestik around the top to hold the plates

I liked this idea better as I can now use different plates depending on the occasion, or what I plan on putting on them.

Add a plate and done!  So easy.

Completed stand

For Little OL’s party I stacked them up and put the cookies on them.  I am really happy with the way they turned out.

The stand in action

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    1. Hi, you can glue it to the plate. I just chose not to, so I could use different plates depending on the situation. I also thought it might be easier to wash if it was not glued.

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