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Mirror, mirror on the wall

Weight vs body image is a funny thing.

I have never been on a diet and I have never been too concerned about my weight.  I have never really thought of myself overweight, even if at times the scale has edged towards that direction.  If I have ever thought that I did need to lose a few kg’s it was more along the lines that needed to tone up than actually lose weight.  That is not to say that my weight did not (does not) fluctuate.  It is just that I did not really notice it.

That is until now, and it is odd!  My weight is the lowest it has been in nearly 12 years, so why on earth do I now feel the most self-conscious about it?

At the end of November my sister decided she was cutting sugar out of her diet.  Not to lose weight, but to see if it made a difference on race day, when she had the sports drinks. Kind of like an extra boost.  She challenged me to do the same.

I thought it was a great idea, but decided that I probably needed to cut a few other things out my diet too, like take-aways, white bread and chocolate.  The sugar thing did not last past day 2, but I stuck to the others.  Who know I ate that much junk!!!  I lost 7kg in 3 months.  Just to put this into perspective.  I am not dieting, I have not changed anything else just those three things.  I still drink full cream milk and have full cream yogurt.  I still have butter on just about everything.

The thing is before I started I did not even think I needed to lose 7 kgs!  Now though I keep thinking I should lose a few more!  Not enough to actually drink skim milk though.

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Helping Mommy

The terrible two’s?  Yes sometimes, but most of the time I just absolutely love this age.

She is such an independent little person, she wants to do everything herself, which can be bit frustrating for both of us as her desire out strips her ability at the moment.  She also wants to copy everything I do.  Over the past week or so we have been working in the garden, preparing the soil in the veggie garden and planting seeds.  She received a little gardening sets for Christmas from one of her aunts, it is coming in very useful.

Preparing to plant seeds
Watering the seeds