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Helping Mommy

The terrible two’s?  Yes sometimes, but most of the time I just absolutely love this age.

She is such an independent little person, she wants to do everything herself, which can be bit frustrating for both of us as her desire out strips her ability at the moment.  She also wants to copy everything I do.  Over the past week or so we have been working in the garden, preparing the soil in the veggie garden and planting seeds.  She received a little gardening sets for Christmas from one of her aunts, it is coming in very useful.

Preparing to plant seeds
Watering the seeds

13 thoughts on “Helping Mommy

  1. Love their independence at this age, and how they make the most boring tasks seem exciting. For eg, I hate washing dishes, Bean however LOVES it, happily standing on a chair washing things in soapy sudsy water!

    1. I am hoping that it may continue. Then she will get the dishes to do do, as well as everything else she feels like “helping” with

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