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Cookies, cookies and more cookies

You would have thought that by getting unlimited wifi at home my blogging might have increased.  As you can probably tell, that did not happen.  I have realised that I don’t do internet at home.  When I am at home and Little OL is awake then I will spend the time playing with her.  If she is asleep then I like to do something a bit more creative.

My latest obsession – cookies!  I am going to blame Hayley for this.  After she posted her delicious condensed milk stamped cookies I realised I needed to try them out. And then I realised that I also needed one of those stamps.

Cookie Stamp

So, in the past couple of weeks I have made Hayley’s condensed milk cookies, a short bread biscuit (stamped), a white chocolate and macadamia nut cookie and a chopped nut and choc chip cookie.

Chopped nuts and choc chip cookies

I have also put back most of the weight that I lost!

Little OL has also discovered the joys of licking the spatula!  Hmmm cookie dough.

Finger Licking Good

16 thoughts on “Cookies, cookies and more cookies

    1. It will totally depend on the cooke dough used. I used a shortbread style and it worked pretty well. I am keen to try other types of cookies too.

    1. she seems to prefer liking the spoon to the finished product though. Although it could be that by the time they are finished she has eaten enough.

  1. Ohhh…looks yummy. I think I need that cookie stamp…that way I might just start using my kitchen and start baking.

    1. Yip, got the stamp. Now I just need to try more recipes! Can’t wait. I bought hazelnuts over the weekend and am going to give your recipe a try

    1. I found it on a UK website called “I want one of those”. Their shipping is very reasonable at 3.45 Pounds per item (no matter what item). It worked out the cheapest and it was here in week. I was very impressed.

  2. trying to find my way around blogs, articles , photos i am trying to create a picture of life in port elizabeth. having been a glaswegian for 14 years we are thinking of relocating back home – my husband has just been to see greenacres re opening a private practise there i found your blog fabulous and a great testament to the city.

    1. It is a great city to live in. I was also away for a number of years and really appreciate it now that I am back.

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