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The best laid plans

So my Birthday did not go exactly according to plan.

Little OL started vomiting on Friday night; we could just not keep anything in her so I took her to the doctor on Saturday morning.  He booked her straight into hospital and onto a drip overnight.  Yes, so I spent my 40th birthday eating hospital food and sleeping on a chair next to her cot.  This will be remembered and reminded at her 21st.

Thank you to everyone who sent well wishes and who has assisted me with the 40 Random Acts of Kindness.  On my side it got off to a good start on Friday and then got slightly side tracked over the weekend.  As soon as I have gotten everything together from all the various people who have offered donations I will let you know how we did.  I think we came pretty close.

Thank you again.


7 thoughts on “The best laid plans

    1. thanks and yes plenty more to come. But I think I am going to give this whole 40th thing a skip and just say I am 35. I clearly was not meant to have a 40th just yet.

  1. I am so glad to hear that little OL is doing better. So sad that you had to spend such a special milestone in hospital…You will just have to have a “take two”.

    1. One of those things I guess. I did manage to drop of some of her clothes and a few other things at your place. I hope they help.

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