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40 Random Acts – Update.

Just a quick update on my Birthday project – 40 Random Acts of Kindness.

Some of my friends decided that instead of donating time, toiletries etc they would prefer to donate money to my chosen charity. AWESOME.  So, just to let you know that we donated R 2 000 to Cuyler Homes, party of Algoa Bay Council for the Aged.  They said that their greatest need at the moment is money towards outings for the old folk, petrol or small snacks (tea) while they were out, so I requested that the money be specifically used for that.

We also donated loads of toiletries to them, with toothpaste and soap for each resident (64) as well as chocolates, sweets and things. Some of my friends also made up little packs of scented talcs and other little luxuries, including warm socks for winter.  I still also have a few more packs from my family to collect and hand over.

All in all I think the 40 Acts was a great success (even if some if the acts were slightly delayed) and I would like to thank everyone that helped me get to the 40 items.

Some of the Acts include:

  • doubling a restaurant bill and giving the 1 half to the waitress,
  • giving car guards unexpected amounts (R20)
  • donating craft stuff to a rehabilitation hospital
  • Donating nappies to a centre that has babies of various ages
  • Donating baby clothes.
  • Donating used but good condition running shoes.
  • Giving dinner to a security guard
  • Attending a charity event where the proceeds when to Ubuntu Education Centre
  • Giving money to a street beggar (yes, I know but I could not say no)
  • Doing shopping for an elderly person
  • Taking my mom out for lunch (she does so much for me)
  • Picking up litter at a nature reserve

And many more that I can’t think of right now.  I had a couple of friends who said once they started they and their kids really got into it and it made their day fantastic. They enjoyed it so much.  I also found that instead of getting cross or worked up about something that might have annoyed me I just though “Act of Kindness” and smiled or waved them passed (if they cut me off).  It made my day a lot calmer.  I am going to try and keep the thought going.

So once again, thank you to everyone that helped and did an Act of Kindness to help me celebrate my 40th.