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Growing up

This morning Little OL went to school wearing her jeans the wrong way round, one sock inside out and her shoes on the wrong feet but she was so proud of herself I did not have the heart to correct her.  She still has not managed the tops or jerseys yet, but we will get there pretty quickly I am sure.

I love the fact that she is independent and wants to do things for herself, although it can also be quite frustrating.  I also love the enthusiasm and pride she shows when she gets it right (or semi right).  I figured that the rest of the kids are too young to notice so wont tease her and the teachers will just think I am a distracted mother who is too busy in the mornings to dress her kid properly.  I’m ok with that.

I love this age!  She is just learning to talk and we have now progressed onto 3 words in a row.  My favourite of which is “mommy, hugs, kisses” ahhh, how to melt a mom’s heart.

Loving life!


PS:  Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday.  I have cheered up quite a bit.  Amazing what a bit of retail shopping can do. – internet access and a credit card.. The joy…

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The truth

There is a lot of comment lately in the blogosphere about people being false on their blogs.  About them only writing about the good stuff and therefore portraying a deceitful or false image of their lives.

I am aware that I don’t write about the bad stuff or much personal stuff at all.  It is not that I don’t want to, but I often feel that I can’t either because it is not fair to the other person involved or because most of it is not really my story to tell.  I don’t know who reads my blog, it is not private and every now and then I will get a comment from somebody in real life and I know that the only way they would know that is if they read my blog.  For some reason I am much more comfortable with the idea of strangers reading it than people that I know.

The truth is today there is soo much that I want to write.  Actually write is not the right word.  Rant is probably closer to the truth.  I want to rant and shout and scream, but I won’t.  I will just say that if my life come across as constantly peaches and cream all the time it is not.  At least not today!

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Winter…. Love it or hate it?

I am not the biggest fan of winter, I much prefer summer!  So in order to cheer myself up I have decided to compile a list of all the things I do like about winter.

  1. Boots!  I love boots.  All kinds of boots but especially my brown leather riding style boots from Woolies.  I would love winter even more though if I had a pair of Hunters.  Ahhhh, my dream boot.
  2. Scarves.  I like scarves, especially longer ones, I have this misguided belief that they make me look thinner as they go over my tummy.
  3. Less mozzies.  I would have said No Mozzies but there was one in my bedroom on Wednesday night (why????? – it is winter dammit go away).
  4. Soup! Although this is good and bad because I eat LOTS of it!  But then it is winter so my scarf covers it….
  5. Chilling on the couch with no guilt.  Ok, I do still feel guilty if I just chill on the couch but less so.
  6. Winter PJ’s….
  7. Layers of clothing – yes I’m odd like that, I like layers.  Lots of layers so that I almost feel too hot.
  8. Thick duvets and winter sheets.  I love snuggling into my nice warm bed when it is cold out.
  9. Warm winters days.  They are like an unexpected bonus.  In summer you expect warm sunny days.  When they happen in winter they are special.
  10. Winter mornings, when it is still quite chilling but the sun is up and you are out on your bicycle or running.  Those mornings are the best!
  11. That after winter comes spring… which is followed by SUMMER!  Yay.


So what are your favourite things about winter?

PS:  In less than a month the days start to get longer again… yes I am counting down the 21 June.

Knysna on a cold winter's day
Knysna on a cold winter’s day
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Hello Kitty

So we have been the whole week without nappies and only one incident.  Well one incident and one accident.

The incident in question… I took little OL to the doctor yesterday and in the waiting room there was toy with a “Hello Kitty” sticker on it.  I pointed it out to her at which point she pulled down her pants. Yes, in the middle of the waiting room… I nearly had a heart attack fearing the worst until I realised she was trying to show me the “Hello Kitty” on the front of her new panties of which she is so proud.

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By example

I want my daughter to be proud of me.  Of who I am and what I have done.

I remember when I was a teenager my mom was talking about one of her friends and that she had au paired in Switzerland in her early 20’s.  I was impressed.  Up until that point the woman had just been one of my mom’s friends and a mom to 3 kids.  Not very impressive to a 15 year old!  After that this woman seemed a bit cooler.  She was still my mom’s friend and a mom to 3 kids, but she had also done other stuff before that.

I hope when my daughter is older she will think the same of me, that I have actually done some quite cool stuff and that I lived.  I realise that no matter what I do I will still not be cool to her when she is a teenager, but maybe I can raise her to believe that there is stuff out there to be done, and it is possible to go and do it!  Like my mom did and continues to do for me.

Do you ever think of how your kids will see you as they grow up and what you are teaching them by the way you are living your life?

Anyone keen to go skydiving??

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I’m not ready!

Potty Training

I am not very good at it; thankfully Little OL seems to be coping just fine on her own.

I am not encouraging this at all.  The whole concept scares me, so much so that I have pretty much let her get on with it on her own.  In fact the first few times she said “mommy wee wee” I totally ignored her.  That was until I realised she has actually taken her clothes off and put herself on the toilet.  Bad mommy!  This has happened off and on for a couple of months but this weekend I realised I can no long ignore this – she is ready and I had better get myself into gear.  At home it is fine, I have bought a little step and she manages to get herself off and on the loo without incident.  This weekend she did not wear a nappy much and there was only one little accident.  Yesterday she did not wear one until bedtime with no incidents but it is out the house that is the problem.

So, my question for mommies that have been through this…  When first starting do you still make your kid wear a nappy if you go to the shops or whatever – or do you just make sure you are within a 5 m radius of the nearest loo?

Just as well I got a very independent kid who likes to do things on her own.

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End of an Era

My mom is 67 and still runs quite a bit, competing in races up to half marathon distance.  Up until Saturday I had never beaten her.  I have run a 10km faster than she normally does – once – but when running the same race I had never finished ahead of her.

So, for the race on Saturday I had two goals.  Firstly to finish it in under an hour and secondly to finish ahead of my mom.

I managed to do both of those but the feeling of having achieved number 2 was not at all what I expected.  I almost feel sad.  I guess when I told people that I had never beaten my mom I was kind of bragging about her.  I am proud of her and the fact that she still runs and competes.  It’s stupid to feel sad because she still runs and competes and is not going any slower than she normally does, it is just that I have been training quite a bit and am now running faster than I normally do.  For that I am pretty proud of myself.  My time on Saturdaywas not my best time for a 10km, but it was my best time for a stand-alone 10km.  I managed to finish it in 55:48; I have only ever once run faster than that and that was on a flat course in a triathlon.

I do think that by finishing ahead of my mom I have laid down a challenge and she will start to do some secret training.  My next goal should be to try and finish ahead of my sister – but for that I am going to need to do a heck of a lot more training!

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Its wakey time – not!

Mr OL was in Botswana for the night last night – and when he is away I am extra vigilant about security (read paranoid) and let Little OL sleep in our room with me and then I locked the bedroom door and alarmed the rest of the house… (actually the sleeping in our bed is a whole post on its own – don’t ask)

So this morning at about 5:30am the dogs started to bark.  Normally this would not be a problem as Little OL sleeps on the other side of the house from the dogs so would not hear, this morning however I was worried she would wake so went to tell them to shut up – forgetting that the alarm was still on….

Bloody hell!!!! She and probably the rest of the neighbourhood woke up.

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Running in the family

I think I might have a genetic problem or abnormality.  That is the only thing that can explain the insanity that has over taken my life.  And seeing as my sister has the same problem I am blaming genetics – more specifically my mom.

Earlier this week my sister sent me information on a trail run coming up this year. She actually sent it to a few people and asked how fit were we feeling… Nobody responded besides me!  I just said “I’m in!”

Well entries were limited to 100, so we set our alarm clocks to be sure we were 2 of those 100..  We made it.  I am skipping around and all happy for most of the morning– and then realised that I now actually have to run 40km on a trail!!! Yikes.

I might have mentioned before that I have never actually run a marathon before (Ironman marathons don’t count as you walk a lot of that).  It was my goal for this year to run the Knysna marathon, which I was pretty scared about doing – and now I am going to do the same distance on dirt tracks – I think insanity is the only thing that can explain this – and my excitement at doing this.

The race I have entered is the Baviaans Trail Run.  40km through the Baviaanskloof Reserve.  It should be AWESOME!  And to do it with my equally insane sister FUN!

When I told my mom about it, she did not help her cause.. Her reaction… “wow that sounds awesome!  Maybe I could do that?”  Yip, definitely a genetic problem.  But one I would not trade for the world! Thanks mom.

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More than I bargained on

I love paper.  It is a well-known fact and one that I have mentioned here before.  I don’t scrapbook, but do, do a whole lot of crafty stuff that involves scrapbook stuff, like paper and other bits and pieces.  Well, this past week I was given the best gift ever…. Boxes and boxes of card-making and scrapbooking stuff.

My mom started dating a family friend after his wife unfortunately passed away a couple of years ago.  This lady was into card making, and a few weeks ago he decided it was time to clear it out.  I was going to go round on my birthday to have a look, but as we know my birthday plans did not quite come to fruition.  So I went around on Thursday and OH MY WORD!!!!

After starting to go through some of the boxes I got a bit overwhelmed.  It was a very weird experience.  Obviously I was extremely grateful to be given all of this, but it was too much.  In the end we called another of the ladies friends with whom she made cards and we went through the stuff together.  That was much better but I think we both found it a bit over whelming.  I also felt bad, and kept thinking of this lady as I was going through her stuff.  A lot of it was items or cards she had already made or was in the process of making.  I felt too bad to throw anything out and then felt greedy when It seemed like we were taking everything.  I was thankfully the other lady wanted all cards that had already been worked on.  I found the whole process a lot more emotional than I thought I would.

In the end we divided the boxes and goodies into 2 piles.  We then each divided those piles into further piles.  I split mine into a pile for me, one for my nanny’s kids and one for a rehabilitation hospital that is always looking for craft stuff for its patients.

As it is I will never need to buy a piece or card or envelop ever again….

Now let’s hope that Mr OL does not read my blog… he had a bit of a fit when he saw 2 of the boxes as I was working through them.  I am not sure what he would say about the 4 more hidden under the bed and the further 12 that I have hidden in the spare bedroom cupboard…… (and yes, that is after splitting it and giving a lot away to charity)