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Running in the family

I think I might have a genetic problem or abnormality.  That is the only thing that can explain the insanity that has over taken my life.  And seeing as my sister has the same problem I am blaming genetics – more specifically my mom.

Earlier this week my sister sent me information on a trail run coming up this year. She actually sent it to a few people and asked how fit were we feeling… Nobody responded besides me!  I just said “I’m in!”

Well entries were limited to 100, so we set our alarm clocks to be sure we were 2 of those 100..  We made it.  I am skipping around and all happy for most of the morning– and then realised that I now actually have to run 40km on a trail!!! Yikes.

I might have mentioned before that I have never actually run a marathon before (Ironman marathons don’t count as you walk a lot of that).  It was my goal for this year to run the Knysna marathon, which I was pretty scared about doing – and now I am going to do the same distance on dirt tracks – I think insanity is the only thing that can explain this – and my excitement at doing this.

The race I have entered is the Baviaans Trail Run.  40km through the Baviaanskloof Reserve.  It should be AWESOME!  And to do it with my equally insane sister FUN!

When I told my mom about it, she did not help her cause.. Her reaction… “wow that sounds awesome!  Maybe I could do that?”  Yip, definitely a genetic problem.  But one I would not trade for the world! Thanks mom.


7 thoughts on “Running in the family

  1. Ok so third time lucky at posting this comment…
    That sounds awesome, I dont think I could do it, but look forward to hearing all about it!

  2. Trail running is a different kettle of fish. There will be walking, scrambling, hiking, resting, picture taking and a bit of actual running! Enjoy – i am jealous. My longest is a 15km and I was shatterooned!

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