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Its wakey time – not!

Mr OL was in Botswana for the night last night – and when he is away I am extra vigilant about security (read paranoid) and let Little OL sleep in our room with me and then I locked the bedroom door and alarmed the rest of the house… (actually the sleeping in our bed is a whole post on its own – don’t ask)

So this morning at about 5:30am the dogs started to bark.  Normally this would not be a problem as Little OL sleeps on the other side of the house from the dogs so would not hear, this morning however I was worried she would wake so went to tell them to shut up – forgetting that the alarm was still on….

Bloody hell!!!! She and probably the rest of the neighbourhood woke up.


3 thoughts on “Its wakey time – not!

  1. LOL! Same thing happened to me when my DH was away. We never set our alarm. Was wide awake at 5 the next morning and decided to read blogs in my study…forgetting that the alarm is on. Also woke the entire neighborhood.

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