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End of an Era

My mom is 67 and still runs quite a bit, competing in races up to half marathon distance.  Up until Saturday I had never beaten her.  I have run a 10km faster than she normally does – once – but when running the same race I had never finished ahead of her.

So, for the race on Saturday I had two goals.  Firstly to finish it in under an hour and secondly to finish ahead of my mom.

I managed to do both of those but the feeling of having achieved number 2 was not at all what I expected.  I almost feel sad.  I guess when I told people that I had never beaten my mom I was kind of bragging about her.  I am proud of her and the fact that she still runs and competes.  It’s stupid to feel sad because she still runs and competes and is not going any slower than she normally does, it is just that I have been training quite a bit and am now running faster than I normally do.  For that I am pretty proud of myself.  My time on Saturdaywas not my best time for a 10km, but it was my best time for a stand-alone 10km.  I managed to finish it in 55:48; I have only ever once run faster than that and that was on a flat course in a triathlon.

I do think that by finishing ahead of my mom I have laid down a challenge and she will start to do some secret training.  My next goal should be to try and finish ahead of my sister – but for that I am going to need to do a heck of a lot more training!