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I’m not ready!

Potty Training

I am not very good at it; thankfully Little OL seems to be coping just fine on her own.

I am not encouraging this at all.  The whole concept scares me, so much so that I have pretty much let her get on with it on her own.  In fact the first few times she said “mommy wee wee” I totally ignored her.  That was until I realised she has actually taken her clothes off and put herself on the toilet.  Bad mommy!  This has happened off and on for a couple of months but this weekend I realised I can no long ignore this – she is ready and I had better get myself into gear.  At home it is fine, I have bought a little step and she manages to get herself off and on the loo without incident.  This weekend she did not wear a nappy much and there was only one little accident.  Yesterday she did not wear one until bedtime with no incidents but it is out the house that is the problem.

So, my question for mommies that have been through this…  When first starting do you still make your kid wear a nappy if you go to the shops or whatever – or do you just make sure you are within a 5 m radius of the nearest loo?

Just as well I got a very independent kid who likes to do things on her own.


7 thoughts on “I’m not ready!

    1. Thanks. I am going to have to get my head around this. So I guess I should be saying she is now out of nappies….. (except at night)

  1. Once out, I left her out, Gem was also quite adamant with this aspect (just like she is in most things) but for night times(she used to take the nappy off, I would find it either hanging half on and half off her, or out the side of the cot…), I bought a plastic sheet for her bed, got her to go before bed time and for a while, I actually took her to the loo before i went to bed. then I stopped doing that, and she just eventually stopped weeing in the bed. As for going out, again, left it off, and asked when she needed to go, went before we left the house, and she would ask when she needed to go, well, generally! Sometimes she forgot…. But i think if Baby OL is ready, just go with it:-) soz for the ramble….

    1. thanks so much. I have also just bought waterproof sheeting for her bed but for now I am still trying to get the nappy on her at night. She has decided she does not want to wear one at all during the day. So I guess I will jsut go with that. So far so good – although besides school we have not been anywhere…

  2. One of the best parts about kids being potty trained is that you don’t have to keep cleaning them and you save a lot of money when not buying nappies.

    1. That part I am looking very much forward to. I have calculated that it is going to save me about R500 a month!! Yay.

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