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Hello Kitty

So we have been the whole week without nappies and only one incident.  Well one incident and one accident.

The incident in question… I took little OL to the doctor yesterday and in the waiting room there was toy with a “Hello Kitty” sticker on it.  I pointed it out to her at which point she pulled down her pants. Yes, in the middle of the waiting room… I nearly had a heart attack fearing the worst until I realised she was trying to show me the “Hello Kitty” on the front of her new panties of which she is so proud.

Posted in Baby OL, Children, Family, Ordinarylife, Parenting

By example

I want my daughter to be proud of me.  Of who I am and what I have done.

I remember when I was a teenager my mom was talking about one of her friends and that she had au paired in Switzerland in her early 20’s.  I was impressed.  Up until that point the woman had just been one of my mom’s friends and a mom to 3 kids.  Not very impressive to a 15 year old!  After that this woman seemed a bit cooler.  She was still my mom’s friend and a mom to 3 kids, but she had also done other stuff before that.

I hope when my daughter is older she will think the same of me, that I have actually done some quite cool stuff and that I lived.  I realise that no matter what I do I will still not be cool to her when she is a teenager, but maybe I can raise her to believe that there is stuff out there to be done, and it is possible to go and do it!  Like my mom did and continues to do for me.

Do you ever think of how your kids will see you as they grow up and what you are teaching them by the way you are living your life?

Anyone keen to go skydiving??