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Hello Kitty

So we have been the whole week without nappies and only one incident.  Well one incident and one accident.

The incident in question… I took little OL to the doctor yesterday and in the waiting room there was toy with a “Hello Kitty” sticker on it.  I pointed it out to her at which point she pulled down her pants. Yes, in the middle of the waiting room… I nearly had a heart attack fearing the worst until I realised she was trying to show me the “Hello Kitty” on the front of her new panties of which she is so proud.


One thought on “Hello Kitty

  1. lorelai tends to lift her dress and show everyone that a)she is a big girl and wearing a panty and b)it has Dora or Hello Kitty on it! And she makes sure that they look and will continue to insist on them looking until they do!

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