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Winter…. Love it or hate it?

I am not the biggest fan of winter, I much prefer summer!  So in order to cheer myself up I have decided to compile a list of all the things I do like about winter.

  1. Boots!  I love boots.  All kinds of boots but especially my brown leather riding style boots from Woolies.  I would love winter even more though if I had a pair of Hunters.  Ahhhh, my dream boot.
  2. Scarves.  I like scarves, especially longer ones, I have this misguided belief that they make me look thinner as they go over my tummy.
  3. Less mozzies.  I would have said No Mozzies but there was one in my bedroom on Wednesday night (why????? – it is winter dammit go away).
  4. Soup! Although this is good and bad because I eat LOTS of it!  But then it is winter so my scarf covers it….
  5. Chilling on the couch with no guilt.  Ok, I do still feel guilty if I just chill on the couch but less so.
  6. Winter PJ’s….
  7. Layers of clothing – yes I’m odd like that, I like layers.  Lots of layers so that I almost feel too hot.
  8. Thick duvets and winter sheets.  I love snuggling into my nice warm bed when it is cold out.
  9. Warm winters days.  They are like an unexpected bonus.  In summer you expect warm sunny days.  When they happen in winter they are special.
  10. Winter mornings, when it is still quite chilling but the sun is up and you are out on your bicycle or running.  Those mornings are the best!
  11. That after winter comes spring… which is followed by SUMMER!  Yay.


So what are your favourite things about winter?

PS:  In less than a month the days start to get longer again… yes I am counting down the 21 June.

Knysna on a cold winter's day
Knysna on a cold winter’s day