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The truth

There is a lot of comment lately in the blogosphere about people being false on their blogs.  About them only writing about the good stuff and therefore portraying a deceitful or false image of their lives.

I am aware that I don’t write about the bad stuff or much personal stuff at all.  It is not that I don’t want to, but I often feel that I can’t either because it is not fair to the other person involved or because most of it is not really my story to tell.  I don’t know who reads my blog, it is not private and every now and then I will get a comment from somebody in real life and I know that the only way they would know that is if they read my blog.  For some reason I am much more comfortable with the idea of strangers reading it than people that I know.

The truth is today there is soo much that I want to write.  Actually write is not the right word.  Rant is probably closer to the truth.  I want to rant and shout and scream, but I won’t.  I will just say that if my life come across as constantly peaches and cream all the time it is not.  At least not today!

13 thoughts on “The truth

  1. That is why i now have a private blog – i can rant and rave there – although I don’t much, for the same reasons as you mentioned.

    It is often not always our story to tell, is it?

    I also think that putting too much out there, on our blogs, is not good for anyone. You never know exactly who is reading – purely from a safety point of view.

    Sterkte adn I hope tomorrow is better dear x

  2. Yip, I am in agreement with you and Shayne.

    I used to worry about it too, not anymore. Its what we do anyway in life..i dont come to work, or tell my friends, about every single bad thing that happened at home or vice versa…that how I see it.

  3. I sometimes worry that I am too true on my blog because I tend to complain but also write about happy things. I do have a private blog as well where I can rant to a few people because I have a real life friend who reads my blog.

  4. the point of a blog, your own personal blog, is putting/posting what you want. On my blog I talk about almost everything, some bad stuff are not feature. But this is your space, so it is your choice if you will be sharing it or not. Just know I like you blog the way it is, it feels honest and who you are even if you leave out the bad things!

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