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Growing up

This morning Little OL went to school wearing her jeans the wrong way round, one sock inside out and her shoes on the wrong feet but she was so proud of herself I did not have the heart to correct her.  She still has not managed the tops or jerseys yet, but we will get there pretty quickly I am sure.

I love the fact that she is independent and wants to do things for herself, although it can also be quite frustrating.  I also love the enthusiasm and pride she shows when she gets it right (or semi right).  I figured that the rest of the kids are too young to notice so wont tease her and the teachers will just think I am a distracted mother who is too busy in the mornings to dress her kid properly.  I’m ok with that.

I love this age!  She is just learning to talk and we have now progressed onto 3 words in a row.  My favourite of which is “mommy, hugs, kisses” ahhh, how to melt a mom’s heart.

Loving life!


PS:  Thanks for all the encouragement yesterday.  I have cheered up quite a bit.  Amazing what a bit of retail shopping can do. – internet access and a credit card.. The joy…

8 thoughts on “Growing up

  1. yay, glad to hear you’re on the up.

    yup, that’s they way I *have* to shop. Who knows what I would do without my c/c and internet access.

    Gorgeous pic x

    1. Thanks.

      Internet shopping is my favourite! And I love trackinga parcel. Just adds to the excitement.

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