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This is MY city!

PE gets a bad rap.  It was once written in the Lonely Planet that the only good thing about the city was seeing it in your rear view mirror as you drove out of town and generally in the past people, myself included, have not been that complimentary.  That was until I moved away.  It took me a while, but after having lived in 6 more cities, in 5 different countries I came to really appreciate what had been on my door step all the time.

Now, I LOVE this city. I love the beaches, the parks, the people.  I love that I can do the sports I love in relative safety and I love that nothing is far away.  Yes, it maybe that I am now “older” (as some idiot youngster on the plane last month decided to point out) and it maybe that my priorities have changed from in my teens and twenties but I love living here and defend my decision to move back passionately.  This is where I want to be, this is my city.

I also love that there are others like me that LOVE this city and that they are putting a huge effort in to make it an exciting place to live.

This weekend was the first of the Signature Trail Run Series, an 11km race through the Baakens Valley, right in the heart of the city.  It was awesome on so many levels.  It was well organised and well-marked (although I did hear that some people took a bit of a detour).  The route was challenging and fun but mostly it was awesome because about 280 people took part.  It was so exciting to see everyone embrace this event and get excited about something in the heart of the city.  The next one is on the 17 June  and I for one can’t wait!

I would really like to thank everyone that puts an effort into to make stuff like this happen.  Not just for Saturday’s race but all the events that have been held in and around PE over the last few years.  It is greatly appreciated.

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