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Not on the list

After the movie Bucket List came out I thought quite a bit about starting one, but didn’t.  It is just not for me.  My reason?  Well, there is nothing that I have a burning desire to do before I die.  I mean there are things I would quite like to do (or think I should feel like should want to do) but there is nothing that I really, really want to do – hope that makes sense?  The things I REALLY wanted to do I have already done.

The things I really want to do now are more on-going and the only reason I am not doing them is time.  For example:

I would really like to have a thriving veggie garden.  I have a veggie garden, and it thrives on occasion, and then it doesn’t.  It gets neglected, overgrown and everything dies.  Then I start again…

I would also like to be one of those people that sends out hand-made cards and gifts.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t…  I rush to the shop at the last minute and buy one.

I would like to wrap those handmade gifts beautifully.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t.  I put it in a gift bag – recycled from one I received or bought at the last minute because I only bought the gift on the way to the party.

I would like to bake cakes for my family on each of their birthdays.  I do, on occasion(ready Little OL’s birthday only) and then I don’t.  They get store bought cakes if they are lucky.

I would like to keep a diary or do Project Life as Shayne is doing, but I know if I start I will only do a week or so and then it will fade out.

I would like to cook decent meals.  I do, on occasion, and then I don’t.  I either make something quick, get Mr OL to cook or go hungry.

I would like to buy old furniture and restore it.  I have… once!  But I had the chair for nearly 9 years before it got recovered.  I have various projects in the garage, none of which are very close to being started.

I would like to get a toned body.  I have had, on occasion but not for a good couple of years.  And even when I did my tummy needed work.  I would like to get a fitness program and stick to it, but it needs to include cardio, core, strength and stretch.  At the moment I am lucky if it is cardio alone.

The list goes on and on.  Maybe this is why I don’t have a bucket list – I can’t see past what I would like to get done, before I start thinking about major event or maybe it is just that something else is much more important to me at the moment that is not on any list and that is spending time with Little OL.

Yesterday we built a fort out of sheets and chairs in the lounge.  Inside we put a torch, a teddy, some blankets, pillows and we coloured in.  It was fun.