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A wriggly issue

Today was one of those mornings!  I was totally late for work and Little OL was late for crèche.  And with a bit of better planning most of it could have all been avoided, but I am not sure it was meant to be.  It totally believe things happen for a reason

My petrol light on my car has been flashing for a while now, and last night the alarm started to bleep at me.  Yes, I know I should have filled up last night (or last week) but I didn’t.  I figured I’d do it on the way to work.  Then little OL ran out of nappies last night.  Yes, even the spare ones in her nappy bag, school bag and in my car storage container.  She is down to two a day and as I had two last night I figured one for night time, one for school nap today and I could buy more tonight.  Bad plan!  She went through both last night (first time since she was about 10 weeks old) which meant I needed to buy some on the way to school.

And then of course we all overslept this morning, after having been up the whole night. Also first time in goodness knows how long.

After rushing around, getting Little OL in the car we were off.  First things first – petrol.  I went to a petrol station that I don’t’ normally go to.  It is closest to my house but is in the opposite direction of where I was headed.  After that I drove back past my house and along our road, also not the quickest way but hey it’s a nicer street and I get to see our house.  I also got to see our nanny who was further along the road.  I stopped to say hello, and then realised she was crying.  I won’t go into specifics as it is a bit gross and involves worms….. but just to say if I had not been late, had not gone to that petrol station and had not gone down that road I would not have seen our nanny or the state she was in.

I bundled her into the car and went to the pharmacy and bought deworming stuff for her whole family and mine.

Dropped her off at home and headed to work and school – stopping to buy nappies.  After all of that I was only 30 mins late…