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Click to door

Hi, my name is Pamela and I have an online shopping addiction….

In general I hate shopping.  I don’t’ get it at all.  But online it all makes so much sense.  I can compare, I can investigate, I can work out the best deals, I can look for voucher or discount codes and I can hit buy!  And then I can track my purchase.  Even more exciting is that I can get stuff I might not necessarily be able to get in PE (or South Africa) or at a cheaper price than I would be able to in a store.

This month I have bought stuff from both  (3 days door to door) and (5 days door to door – slightly longer due to customs clearances).  Very impressed.

Although I would have to say that this finding stuff online is not exactly new to me.  5 and a half years ago I met Mr OL on an internet dating website…