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Click to door

Hi, my name is Pamela and I have an online shopping addiction….

In general I hate shopping.  I don’t’ get it at all.  But online it all makes so much sense.  I can compare, I can investigate, I can work out the best deals, I can look for voucher or discount codes and I can hit buy!  And then I can track my purchase.  Even more exciting is that I can get stuff I might not necessarily be able to get in PE (or South Africa) or at a cheaper price than I would be able to in a store.

This month I have bought stuff from both  (3 days door to door) and (5 days door to door – slightly longer due to customs clearances).  Very impressed.

Although I would have to say that this finding stuff online is not exactly new to me.  5 and a half years ago I met Mr OL on an internet dating website…

11 thoughts on “Click to door

    1. Yip, and those were just the two I could track and have already received….

      Or are you talking about Mr OL? If so, yes. We met on

  1. I loathe brick-and-mortar shopping, but I LOVE online shopping…for the same reasons you mention. Plus we’re 30 minutes from the nearest stores. I frequently will go to find something, then discover that it’s not in my size or preferred color or is significantly more expensive than online, even with shipping costs…and then I’ve wasted gas and time to come home empty-handed.

  2. omg im so glad its not just me!! i know my postman personally and he knows all of my children!! he even knows if im not home to drive around to my daughters house and leave stuff there. THATs how much i online shop….even groceries.hmmmm talking of grocieries mine should be arriving anytime…….NOW!!

  3. Thanks for the other link! I stopped shopping online so much after I saw my monthly spend….. and have since paid off my bond (okay, not from that but it does get one focussed)

    so share your tips…

    and really? how cool that you met online!

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