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Not an Ironman today

So, I like to think I am brave and strong.  That I have a high pain tolerance and can cope. And generally I can.  Not today!

I had the two lower wisdom teeth out on Wednesday. It went well.  Thursday was great, no swelling or anything.  I was feeling mighty chuffed with my little self.  Friday was fine (right hand cheek was slightly swollen but no bruising). Saturday was ok (swelling the same as Friday). Sunday,  uhhhh (swelling no worse)  until I ran out of pain meds!  Holy mother F##$%#$#!!!

Today I am not coping so well.  I am back at work but all I want to do is take lots of pain killers, find my bed and climb into it shedding a few tears as I go.  I hate feeling like this.  The strange thing is that it is not even the site where my teeth where that is sore. It is my whole mouth – including the top teeth????? And my ears????? What the…..

I am going to the pharmacy at lunch!

6 thoughts on “Not an Ironman today

  1. I was lucky. I had one taken out last year and had no pain. It broke for some reason and when the dentitst wanted to pull it she broke it even more. Had to go to a specialist who had to cut the tooth in half and pull the two halfs out.

  2. This brings back memories. Had mine out years ago and then hitchhiked across Canada for a week…..not the smartest move. My advice: take pain meds and gargle with salt water.

  3. Oh gosh! i remember when i had my wizzies out. It wasn’t pleasant and I craved salt and vinegar chips. Weird that i remember that. But shew, that pain and uncomfort is horrible. I hope you heal soon!

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