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Dear Little OL

At 2 Little OL:

  • You are just beginning to talk – a bit later than some but you are making up for lost time quickly.  In the past 3 weeks your vocabulary has increased tenfold and you are talking nonstop.  I don’t always know what the heck you are saying and that frustrats you no end.
  • You are giving and asking for hugs and kisses – and I LOVE IT!
  • You are still signing certain things and will still generally use the sign before the word.
  • You are still not a big fan of TV but have discovered Dora. Thankfully she has kicked that big purple dinosaur’s butt right out the door.
  • You believe the iPad is yours.  It pretty much is…
  • You love books, colouring in, building blocks and your teddy (who is actually a door stop, I posted a picture in this post).
  • You are obsessed with helicopters.
  • You love singing.  Happy Birthday is your favourite.  We need to sing it all the time.
  • You don’t say no – you say uh uh. I know where you get that from- oops.
  • You are an independent little girl that wants to do most things for herself.  This includes, putting on your own pants, socks and shoes.  You want to brush your own teeth, wash your face and hands.  You don’t like to have us help you at all.
Brushing teeth with “Door Stop”
  • You are potty trained during the day. You still wear nappies at night, but will, in the morning will take it off and put it in the bin.
  • You are generally very helpful and tidy up all the time.  Especially if it can be used as a delay tactic, like it is time to go to bed or leave the house. Then you empty all your blocks on the floor and pick them up one by one.  Then empty them again……. Urgh!
  • I am a little worried that you have OCD tendencies.  Friends have assured me that this is a stage.  One I am not complaining about.
  • You are friendly.  It’s very cute as you say good bye to all the cashiers when we go shopping and wave to them as we leave the shop.   What’s not so cute is the performance if you don’t get one of the kiddies’ trolleys.
  • You have started carrying your teddies everywhere with you these include “Door Stop”, Sheep, Teddy, Mouse, Poo and Jimbo.  They are all waiting in my car for you to be picked up from school.
  • You went to a game farm last weekend and loved the bouncing around on the rough road.  We just heard giggling from the back seat as you were being rocked all over the place in your car seat.  You were less concerned about the animals and kept asking for more bumps.


Shopping with “Door Stop” and Jimbo

You are more precious to me than I ever thought and I love being a mom to a 2 year old.  There is so much more that I could write about what you are doing now.  I should do this more regularly to remind myself.  It is a very cute age and you do new things all the time.  I love you.


11 thoughts on “Dear Little OL

  1. This really is a very cute but busy stage. I’m glad she doesn’t seem to be very shy if she talks to the cashiers. Always a good thing. My daughter was like that but my son was and still is the total opposite and doesn’t say a word to them.

    1. She has her moments, but is generally very friendly. Yesterday she was blowing kisses at the packing staff at Pick n’ Pay. A bit hit.

  2. I haven’t been here in forever and I can’t believe how big and beautiful your little girl is! Enjoy this age… it doesn’t last nearly long enough. 🙂

    1. Hi

      I am so glad you commented. I was trying to find your blog a while back and could not. So good to hear from you.

    1. Thank you. It would be great to meet up again. I can then bring her with. Maybe play with your grandkids.

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