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A first for me!

Stawberry and Banana is our favourite.

A little while ago the people from Fruit Pack asked if they could send me a couple of samples…  I said “Yes!”

Seriously, what else could I say?  Firstly, it was the first time anybody had contacted me to send me FREE stuff and secondly (kind of defeating the purpose for them) I already knew that Little OL loved them.

When Little OL was still Baby OL I used to buy them all the time.  I always had her nappy bag “ready to go”, so these were the perfect snack to store in there.  I did not have to worry about the fruit going off or spoiling.  She loved them (still does- especially the strawberry and banana) and they are pure fruit.  Wins all round.

I do have a warning though… there have been few incidents where I have ended up with fruit puree in my hair.  The first time was when Little OL was still little and I was holding it for her, she tried to grab the packet (pouch??? sachet??) out my hands, I grasped it tightly – not a good idea.  Puree went up, up and with perfect aim hit me squarely in my face and head (in the middle of a crowded shopping centre).  Thankfully Little OL now seems to have the hang of eating these straight out the sachet and all I need to do is leave her be.  If I interfere she squeezes too hard and it’s not good.

My best advice; give to toddler and let them enjoy while you stand well clear.





6 thoughts on “A first for me!

    1. It would be great if all juice was. I seem to spend ages going through lables just to see what rubbish is inside supposedly “good” foods.

    1. It was a very pleasant suprise to receive them. Yip, nothing like free stuff! Especially when they don’t actually even ask you to write about them -although I am sure that is what they wanted 🙂

  1. I wish my child would eat those! She is a seriously fussy eater and anything that looks funny or even doesnt look funny refuses to get eaten, and up until the age of two she ate anything!

    1. Mine also ate everything up until 2 and has become a lot more fussy! Thankfully these she will still eat quite happily.

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