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Worms and not the good kind.

Do you de-worm your family regularly?  I knew that it was something that you should do, but did not really realise the importance of it until now!

Little OL’s nanny is sick – very sick.  A couple of months ago she came to me crying and explained that she had worms (I won’t go into details, its gross).  I immediately took her to the pharmacist to see what he could suggest.  For her he suggested a course of tablets taken over 3 days, and then repeated 6 weeks later.  I also bought de-worming tablets for my whole family as well as her kids.

I thought that would be the end of it and all would be good.  Not so.

3 weeks ago I received an SMS saying she had flu and was feeling weak and would not be coming in. That was a Friday, I knew she had not been feeling that great for most of that week.  On the Sunday evening I received another SMS. She was still feeling weak.  Then nothing…. Her phone was off and I heard nothing.  I phoned her ex-husband to find out if he knew anything.  He eventually found her and called back.  He said that she had collapsed and that her family had taken her to the hospital.  She had worms coming out her nose and mouth – URGH!  His English is pretty bad but he said she is back at her family home but there is “something not right in her head”.  Apparently she is in a daze, just lying there and not recognising anyone.

This is absolutely devastating. She is a young vibrant woman with two small children.  Little OL loves her and I rely on her greatly.  And I know what you will be thinking – no her immune system is not compromised.  She recently went to go and get tested.  This is a young healthy woman.

I hope for her family and her sake that this is temporary.  For me it has been a big wakeup call with regards to de-worming and why it should be done regularly.  For kids you can do it from the age of 2.


16 thoughts on “Worms and not the good kind.

  1. Terrible! That is why we need to deworm regulary – i try and do it every 4 months or so – have diarised it on my phone so remind me because it is so easy to forget!

  2. Oh my goodness 😦 how awful!!

    Kiara has, what the chemist said, was ringworm – in 4 places – I have been applying cream for 2 weeks now and its gotten better but hasnt gone away :-/ I de-wormed us all at the same time when we got back from CT.

    Maybe we need to go back to the Dr :-/

    1. From what I understand Ringworm and internal worms are very different so just because you have one does not mean you have the other. I took Little OL to the doc as well, just as a precaution. He said that if after the de-worming tablet I did not see anything in her stool she was fine. I am inclined to get us all test anyway, as a friend suggested.

  3. Oh my goodness. I have never thought of it as so important. I have only once dewormed my kids in their lives and never again. You will find me at the pharmacy tomorrow.
    I hope you nanny get well soon. So tragic.

  4. Hectic! I know of quite a few severe cases like your nanny – the community work I am involved it has opened my eyes to how devastating worms can be. Your little one will be just fine and I trust that your nanny will recover fully too. When my kids were much smaller I would deworm them, me AND THE NANNY every 3 months! (and the dogs!)We would line up all the little bottles and do shots! 😉

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