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And the Worm saga continues!

This is already totally freaking me out, so pretty please – no “worst case scenarios”, no “this can affect her permanently” or “give her learning difficulties” or “lead poisoning’ whatever.  I already know all of that.

As soon as I found out our nanny had worms (this post)  I de-wormed our whole family, including Little OL.  In the meantime I also took her to the doctor for a chest infection and while she was there she licked his desk.  He asked me if she licks stuff a lot.  I said she didn’t usually but I had noticed her doing it the past weekend.  She licked the glass door, but as she gets cold sore blisters on her tongue I thought maybe she was doing that to cool them or ease the pain on her tongue.  In fact at the time I thought it was funny and took a photo…. (not so much anymore)

Licking my not so clean windows.

He said if she continued doing it after the blisters went away I should call him as it can be a sign of a nutrient deficiency.  I just thought kids licked stuff.  Well, she did not stop so I called him.  He sent us for blood tests and it turns out she is anaemic due to lack of Iron.  URGH – cause by 1 of 2 things, worms or too much milk. Both huge possibilities (she loves milk).

I am not a happy camper (understatement), but fortunately there do not seem to be any of the usual problems caused by this and she does not show any of the normal signs of being anaemic (except for the licking). She is not lethargic, she has not lost any of her motor skills and she has a great attention span. The only other thing I can notice is that she has been picking up infections quite a bit this year, but I put that down to starting day care in January…

We have dewormed her again (yes she still had worms even after de-worming her before) and she has been put on a 3 month course of Iron Supplements.  In 3 months’ time we will need to go for another set of blood test.

This is turning into a total nightmare.  And our poor nanny shows no signs of improvement either!

19 thoughts on “And the Worm saga continues!

    1. The doctor did ask me if she ate dirt – thank fully I coudl answer no to that one. It is apprently called PICA…

    1. Very thankful her doctor caught it early, and yes. I am going to cut down on her milk as well. In fact, although this was not dietry related as such I am going to revamp her whole diet too. She has too much dairy and carbs and not enough veggies. Nothing like a kick up the butt to get stuff done.

  1. Oh, poor little OL and poor you! This must be so difficult to go through. It is so terrible when your babies are sick. Hope this whole nightmare is over soon. It sounds like your doc is really good, though… so that’s a good thing! xo

  2. It’s awful when little ones get sick. I am sure that she will be fine once the supplements start working. I hope the worms will be history soon.

  3. Oi! How stressful! Kiara had an iron deficiency – she refused her formula from 9 months so she was on an iron supplement – it passed!!!
    Are you open to a homeopath for supplements or trying to figure out what she needs (apart from iron)

    It will my pass chick!! Keep strong!

    1. Hi, thanks

      Generally I am very open to homeopathic solutions, but for this I am going to go with what the doctor prescribed. I am more than a little freaked out that her levels were so low and I noticed nothing.

      Although I know that this is not her diet that caused this, I have changed her diet to increase her iron levels. Thankfully she loves things like raisins and biltong. I have also increased her vitamin c intake. She is also now snacking on pumpkin seeds more than usual as they are supposed to help with parasitic conditions like worms.

      Hopefully in 3 months when we need to go for the next set of blood test everything will be back to normal.


  4. Oh I feel so sorry for you – never great to stress about your kid’s health. Just make sure she gets a lot of dried fruit etc in as the iron supplement tend to make them constipated. Also give her lots of raisins – they love it, it has heaps of iron and will keep the tummy going.

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