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Shaken and stirred!

I am sure that there will be many times while Little OL is growing up that my confidence will take a knock and that I will feel like “a bad mother”. This however is the first one, well first major one that has lasted more than past her next smile, cuddle and kiss.

I know that in the bigger scheme of things it is nothing serious. We found out that she was anaemic early, there is no long term damage and it can be “fixed”.  However it has shaken me.  I have always been pretty good with her diet and although I know that this is not entirely dietary related because of the worms it does come down to a lack of nutrients.

I have always been very strict with sugars and processed foods. She did not have commercially bought cereals when she was a baby and even at her first birthday party did not have any sweets (or even any of her cake).  Until she was about two she had never had sweets, chocolate or juices (fruit juice or sodas).  Her snacks were all healthy and her food all homemade (or from Wollies which I figured is the same thing…. J)  I did however realise that she drank quite a bit of milk, but figured it was good for her.

Now I am beginning to question everything.  It sucks!  I am taking another hard look at her diet.  I am cutting down on her milk intake as well as her carbs.  I need to find a way to get her to start enjoying her greens again and eating her veggies.  At school they  say she eats them no problem, so it is just at home.

I need however to get more organised as I need to have a meal ready just to warm up when we get home at 5. Little OL is starving then but if I wait then she won’t eat.  I have been using my slow cooker lately and just putting it on when I leave for work in the mornings so that it is ready when I get home but need to look at other ideas as well.  Maybe putting some of the meal I (or Mr OL) cooks the night before in the fridge for her or something like that.  I have been looking at various meal plans and ideas online (any excuse to search Pinterest…..), but just need to find one that works for us.  The reason I have not done this previously was that Mr OL did all our cooking (he adds too much spices, chilli and salt for Little OL). The nanny or I prepared all Little OL’s food and the nanny would then feed her before I got home from work.  Easy!  Now I am nanny less and Little OL is in school full day.  It has really thrown a spanner in the works.  I know if I prepare a full meal plan I will end up being the one to do all the cooking.  I don’t want to take that on as well.

Do you have a system that works for you?  Do you work from a meal plan or just throw something on when you get home?  Ideas please…..

12 thoughts on “Shaken and stirred!

  1. What works/ed for me is to keep aside some of the food from the night before’s meal (before spices are added) and then reheat for her the next day. When Polly was little and didn’t eat what we did (she now eats whatever we do and when we do) I used to make a big batch of mince/veg, chicken/veg, pasta/veg, pasta bakes etc and freeeze them in small containers and take out in the morning so that by lunch (we eat at lunch) they were defrosted and just needed to be reheated.

    Good luck – you will find your niche soon.

    1. I know. I can’t figure out if the planning actually takes up more time than the throwing it all together way.

  2. I can understand you uncertainty, questioning yourself. If it was you that did not give her all the right foods or drinks that she was/is anemic. But remember, that some people have a tendency to be anemic and you can eat as much of the right kinds of food as you have to your disposal, you will need something more like a tablet or medicine. My daughter is also anemic and there’s nothing wrong with her diet as well. She have a tendency for it.

  3. Hi I don’t have kids but my friend says that what works for her is to make excess the one day and the next day her twins would eat that. As she puts it they can never eat the same thing the parents eat on the same day it is made because dinner is usually ready past the kids bed time. I’m guessing she usually dishes the one for the kids before adding the spices, freezes it and next day it is popped in the microwave for her kids. Her twins are 3 btw.

  4. Firstly snap out of it! you did nothing wrong. At least yours can be blamed on worms my daughters was blamed on genetics – SO I GAVE IT TO HER

    try doing the slow cooker or night before meal. I tend to cook after the girls go to bed so when can eat when we get home. Good luck

    1. Thanks – just the kick up the backside that I need!
      And it is not exaclty your fault that your daughter is anemic either. Can’t help genetics….

      My slow cooker and I am are becoming friends.

  5. Stop blaming yourself sweetie – we all just do the best we can ok!
    When mine was smaller I always kept from the previous night – now we can stretch a bit and Lucy cooks for me or I cook ahead and freeze. THey have some fruit when we get home at 5 and then we eat dinner at 6 but the crux is to get her to eat what the family eats slowly and steadily. We have just recently won the veggy fight with L – my last struggler with it and it is purely byte the bullet an fight the fight.

    Try brocolli chicken – my kids love it and brocolli has heaps of calcium and iron

  6. I also have to cook for the kids early otherwise Kiara also wont eat. But I am lucky enough to be home early so they eat early.

    I will keep out food for Jack though for lunch the next day. I will sometimes make a soup and then freeze portions for him – that also works well if you remember to take them out in the morning otherwise its a pain defrosting and can take just as long as cooking a quick meal.

    I just noticed Cats comments – Kiara LOVES broccoli – she will eat a whole one in one sitting. Try it. I used to eat it raw growing up 🙂

    1. Thanks for the advice.

      Unfortunately Broccoli is one of the (many) things that Little OL will not eat anymore. she used to eat it when she was little and it was pureed. Now she just lines them up like plants across her plate….

      I will keep trying though.

  7. Eish, guilt arrives with your newborn and never leaves….try to stop your beating yourself up….both my small ones are slight anaemic and the doc gave me the script for Ferrimed 2 wks ago…I still havent filled it! But I will…and they will be fine….I deworm all of us twice a year and I put the kids on (prescription) iron once a year. Kids simply dont eat enough green leafy stuff to get what they need so its an idea to just get them checked annually and buff it up.

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