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Making a plan!

I want to thank everyone for their comments on my previous post – and for the kicks up the backside. I needed it.

Little OL is doing so much better.  I can notice a huge improvement in both her temperament and energy levels and I did not even know there was something wrong with them.  She has always been a happy child but now she is bouncing off the walls (in a good way).

Unfortunately I have not heard anything further from her Nanny, which I am guessing that is bad news on her behalf as I am sure she would have contacted me if she could.  I have tried contacting her but her number is no longer operational.

Little OL seems to be doing fine at Day Care full day.  It has simplified one area of my life as I now don’t need to pick her up at lunch time and take her home.  I did not realise how much of an extra stress that was.  Seeing how much of a change that one little thing has made to my day I have decided that other areas of my life need simplifying too.  I am generally a pretty organised person, especially at work and I have decided to carry this over to my home.  As I work through what I am doing I will let you know.

Here is my list so far (I am sure I will add to it) as well as some of the stuff I have already done

  • Sell Little OL’s baby stuff
  • Organise recipes – DONE
  • Create a meal plan (Mr OL has a new job with longer hours and is no longer doing the cooking)
  • Organise baking stuff – DONE
  • Organise craft stuff – DONE
  • Organise sewing stuff
  • Do a drastic clear out of my clothes – be ruthless this time (I have lost some weight and my work pants no longer fit)
  • Take stock of everything in the freezer – keep the list up dated.
  • Take stock of everything in the grocery cupboard – keep the list up dated.
  • Start a family file with all the important stuff in it.  Dates, numbers ect.

Then there are some things I want to do that are not purely organisational

  • Draw every day – I used to carry a sketch pad around with me and draw, I want to do that again (I want to post about this in a separate post)
  • Repaint 2 chairs (started – I have finished the first coat – so happy) – DONE – read about them HERE.
  • Start the quilt I want to make from some of Little OL clothes and blankets from her first year.
  • The abs challenge with Pink Hair Girl.

I am sure both these lists will be added to as I work through them.

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