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My voice

On all these reality TV shows, whether it is cooking, singing, dancing or home decorating, you always hear the judges saying the contestants need to “find their voice”.  At first I did not really understand what they meant, but as I watch more (purely research purposes of course) I got what they meant.  The contestant had to find the style that suited them.

I feel like I need to do that with art.  I am not talking restrict myself to one thing like only paint, or only draw.  I will always be trying new things and techniques but I need to discover my style.  I will still bake, sew, make cards, do various crafts, spray paint chairs, renovate and upcycle etc. but I am talking specifically about my artwork.  I see fantastic works of art that people are creating and think – wow, I’d love to paint like that or draw in that style or whatever.  But I know, I would never or could never do that.  It is not my style!

But what is my style?  That is the problem.  I feel that I need to define it, to “own” it.  I don’t know if I am making any sense??  But I feel that I need to concentrate on what works for me and I know that this should be easy and perfectly clear but I am finding it hard.

There are a few things that I know for sure.  I love drawing!  But I need a reference. I can’t draw “out my head”.  I love people and portraits.  I like paining in oils, but also love pencil, ink and charcoal.  I am better at realistic than fanciful.  But that is probably just because I have no confidence in my creative abilities.  So taking these as starting points I am going to try and work on defining my style.  I know it will change over time and I will improve.  For now I am going to draw more, as I mentioned in my post “Making a Plan” I want to try and draw something every day.  Not a masterpiece or even a full sketch.  I am happy if it is only a doodle, but I want to pick up a pencil or pen and draw.

Do you know your voice?  Are you trying to find it?

If you look at the tabs at the top of my page there is one labled “Art Work”.  I have some of my pictures and paintings there.



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Internet shopping – I have a problem.

Marcia sent me an email asking for the names of the online shopping stores I like.  I started listing all the stores from which I have bought stuff in the past couple of months.  Wow, I really do have a problem!

I suppose it is just as well that I don’t like shopping the conventional way, so unless it is groceries or clothes I will pretty much buy everything else on line.

I thought it might be fun to post them here too:

Here goes: – I have recently bought a Nathan running hydration back pack as well as quite a few Kindle books. – it is a Spanish store, I bought my Garmin Forerunner 910XT from them. – I bought two pairs of Hunter’s boots on their sale.  YAY!  I have been dying for Hunter boots since I found out about them but could not justify spending over a grand on a pair of Wellingtons.  On the sale I got two pairs for R958 – bargain!  I would not rave about their service though.  I queried why my delivery was taking so long and did not even receive a response to my email.  It was only when I complained on Hello Peter than anything was done. – I only ordered this yesterday – can’t wait.  I bought an ice cream machine….. (and I had a R500 voucher from Discovery Miles, very useful)  EDITED _ Arrived! Yay – I am a sucker for anything paper – and if some of the money is going to a good cause… I have no will power.  I am also still waiting for this deliver.  It has been posted.  EDITED _ Arrived! Yay – I ordered their Facebook business cards! They are free at the moment, you only pay for the delivery.  I like this idea, they take your cover photos and create a cards out of them.  I only ordered them yesterday as well, so am waiting in bated breath…..

Other than that I ordered Washi tape from Francesca Mills whose details I found on this blog.  I received that parcel a week or so ago. Love it.

So there you have it.  My internet shopping list.  Where have you bought stuff from lately?