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Leaving on a Jet Plane

I feel like everyone is leaving or off somewhere – actually it is not a feeling it is a reality, although maybe not everyone.

Last night we went to a farewell party for a friend that is moving back to Cape Town.  He has been in PE for just over 3 years but is now retuning “home”.  I understand why, his family is there, PE is not the easiest place to be single in your early 30’s and well, let’s face it, if you get offered a fantastic job in Cape Town you are not exactly going to turn it down.

Then Mr OL is going overseas for 8 weeks shortly.  I am not expecting it this to be easy and it is going to put a serious dampener on my early morning training session but at least it is temporary.

More upsetting is the fact that my sister has decided to move to Australia for a while.  She has a one year working holiday visa and leaves next week.  I am going to find this very hard!  She is my best friend as well as my sister, but I know it is not impossible.  She and I have left and returned more times than most and I know we will still be in touch via email, BBM, Facebook, Skype and sms but it is not the same.  I want to throw a hissy fit  and kick and scream and tell her not to go, but I can’t. Not just because that would not be fair to her, but because I think going it is the best thing she could do right now.  And it is Sydney!!!!!! I love Sydney, I love Australia!  I am very worried that she won’t come back though – if that happens then I might just throw a hissy fit!



4 thoughts on “Leaving on a Jet Plane

  1. I feel for you…if your sister is your best friend you are going to miss her…but time will go by very quickly…it usually does.

    1. Yes, I am going to miss her alot. I guess my biggest fear is that she decides to stay there. I know that I really battled to leave after a year.

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