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Write something!

EDIT:  07/09/2012  I have finally written in it.  I started doing this Journal project with Ashley from Lil BlueBoo


My notebook from arrived a couple of days ago.  Yay! I love it, which is a problem.  It has been sitting on the edge of my desk for a couple of days now.  I take it home with me and then back to work every morning.  Every now and then I open it, have a look and close it again.  But don’t write or doodle in it. Why? Because I don’t’ want to “muck up” the pages!  I am scared that whatever I write is going to be rubbish and I will ruin my new beautiful book.  STUPID! notebook

I suppose the fact that I already have a notebook that I use every day is part of the problem.  It is not that I really needed it.  In my handbag already I have a small Moleskin notebook that I use for everyday stuff, a diary for work stuff and a sketch pad.  Not to mention the other numerous other notebooks and sketch pads scattered all over the house and in cupboards.  I might have mentioned in the past that I have weakness for paper products…..

So if you feel like sending me another, so I have one to actually write in and one to stare at it would be greatly appreciated…..

15 thoughts on “Write something!

  1. That happens to me every time I get a new notebook. I’ve left many such books to turn yellow over the years because I don’t wanna write rubbish 🙂

    So did u finally use it?

  2. LOL! You are funny. I also want one, since I saw Mel rave about it. But I also want an art journal. I am thinking of making myself one out of an old book and just gesso’ing the pages and rip out some. Then I can mess without mucking up my book:-D

    1. Making one is a brilliant idea. I should probably do that with all the paper I have at home. Then I could just look at my book too.

    1. I also use digital a lot (blog, calendar etc) but there is something about writing on paper with a pen or pencil. I love it.

  3. use it like a Smash Book and just DO IT. A friend of mine is so funny…she starts from the back of the book cos she doesnt want to mess up the front! LOL

  4. I actually use my notebooks but I have so many! Anyway, as long as one loves them I guess. But yes, it is the “tabula rasa” thing – to start anew. My highschool art teacher always let us draw a line at the bottom of the page before we started to draw to take that fear away – how about that?

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