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How do you read?

Book Club Blog asked the question “How do you read”.  I thought it was an interesting question and as my comment was getting a bit long I decided to post it instead.

Here are my answers.

How do you organise your books?

I don’t organise my books.  I have all kitchen and gardening related books in a kitchen cupboard and all my other books in a cupboard in the bedroom.  We don’t have book shelves as I like stand-alone ones and Mr OL likes built in ones so until we agree the books are still in a cupboard.  I also generally only keep books that I have really enjoyed and all my non-fiction or reference books.  The rest I give away or resell.  books I am busy reading are next to my bed.  The books on my Kindle are filed under unread or read.
Do you prefer series books or standalone books?

I like both, but prefer only starting a series when all the books have been release.  I hate having to wait for the next in the series – like I am having to do with the latest Ken Follett series. Fall of Giants (book 2 has only just been released and I cant wait to start it.)
Do you have a favorite time of day and/or place to read?

I can read whenever, but since Little OL has been born I need to follow her schedule and I usually read at night once she has gone down to sleep. This is a problem because I can get very wrapped up in a book and it has been know that I look up and the sun is already coming up.  Not good when you need to get up for a toddler and work.  I also read at the hairdressers, in queues, in the car while Mr OL is driving or anywhere else I can get a few moments.
Are you the type of person that only reads one book at a time or can
you read more than one at a time?

I can read more than one, but if I am doing that then it is generally books that I am not that into.  If I find one I really like I will read it till it is finished.
What is the last book you bought?

Ken Follett – Winter of the World (Book 2 in the “Fall of Giants” trilogy)
What are you currently reading?

One of my friends has just given me Fifty Shades of Grey and insisted that I read it.  I have humoured her and am now on Chapter 6.  I don’t think I will be going any further.

If you come across an unfamiliar word, do you stop to look it up right away?

It depends, in a “normal” book I don’t, but if I am reading on my Kindle I do as it is instant.  You just take the cursor to the word and it gives you the meaning.  It is one of the (many) functions I love.

Do you snack while you read? If so, favorite reading snack?

Generally I don’t.  Normally I am lying in bed thinking “just one more page”

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Back in the swim of things

Last night was the first time that I have taken Little OL to the kiddies club at the gym. Please tell me why I have been worrying about this????

She played, I swam and it was great.  Right up till the point where we tried to leave.  She was not having it and wanted to stay longer.  I see lots more trips to the gym in our future!

It did take some organising though.  I packed everything the night before, picked her up from school and rushed home to feed her dinner.  If she does not eat at about 5pm she gets very grumpy and loses her appetite (much like her mom –without the losing my appetite part).

It was so good to be back in the pool and now that I am able to get to the gym to swim I see the possibility of doing the Half Ironman in January being much more realistic.

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Washi Tape Craft – an updated notebook

Warning:  Expect a lot of washi type crafts in the near future…..

Here is the first one.

I took a notebook that I received free with a magazine (Good Housekeeping this month if anyone is interested) and changed it a little.

Notebook – updated using Washi Tape


If anyone is interested in buying Washi tape, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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Washi Tape

Finally some exciting news (for me at least)….

I have started to sell Washi Tape.  Here are a couple of photos of the rolls that I have in stock at present.  If you are interested in placing an order just leave me a comment and I will get back to you.

It is R25.00 per roll (excluding postage) . Each roll is 15mm wide and 10m long.  If you would like any other info please feel free to contact me.

Washi Tape – R25 per roll excluding postage.
Black and White Washi Tape – R25 per roll excluding postage.
Blue Washi Tape – R25 per roll excluding postage.
Green Washi Tape
Christmas Washi Tape – R25 per roll excluding postage.


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The weekend that was

It was another good weekend.  Just recovering from the Gastro would have made it a good weekend, even without the other stuff.  But the other stuff made it extra good.

Saturday was a “run around” morning with a kiddie’s party in the afternoon.

Sunday was the Urban Run.

I did it last year with my sister and loved it (blog post HERE). This year there were no teams, but I decided to do it with a friend anyway and we had loads of fun, chatting, laughing, getting wet and dirty – all the time running though parts of our beautiful city that we don’t always get to see.  Firefly has put a post with pictures on his blog.

The race was just over 10km long, with 16 obstacles. These obstacle ranged from leopard crawling through a muddy field, to scaling the walls of Fort Frederick. We also got to run through a train, dive down a slip ‘n slide, climb over a truck and containers, run up and down LOTS of stairs, cross a river (which I fell in) and run up and then down the stairs of the Duckpond Pavilon at the St Georges Cricket grounds.

My mom brought Little OL to the finish and she played on the jumping castle and ran around a bit.  After a while my mom left and I decided to stay on.  Little OL and I went to the stalls for lunch and then sat with friends for the prize giving.  In the lucky draws I won a prize – a hamper from Weighless.  As I was walking up to go and collect it I realised I still had my lunch in my hand – chip ‘n Dip.  Oops!

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And then more lows

So after a weekend where the highs outweighed the lows this week so far has been the opposite.

I picked Little OL up from day care on Monday afternoon and they told me she had vomited that afternoon.  I got her home and as I picked her out the car she vomited again.  Yes, all over me.  At least it was not in my new car!  I suppose that could be counted as a positive.  Unfortunately after that the vomiting just continued all night.  After the 5th change gave up putting new PJ’s on her and she just slept in a nappy with a towel and blanket wrapped around her.  By Tuesday afternoon she had stopped throwing up and then I started.  FUN – NOT!  By this stage I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and began to feel like everyone had deserted me.  What with Mr OL out of the country for nearly 2 months, my sister in Australia and my mom in Plett for the week?  Yip, I was feeling pretty miserable.  Wednesday did not get much better, except that Little OL and I climbed into bed and pretty much stayed there for the whole day.

All I can say is that if Little OL felt nearly as bad as I did, she handled it remarkable well.  No sense of humour failure like there was on my part.  Today I am back at work and she is back at Day Care, but I still feel like crap.

Although I was feeling pretty much all on my own, when I really thought about it not much would have been different had everyone been in town anyway.  Mr OL would have been at work – he does not usually get home until after Little OL is asleep, so no difference there, and I would not have phoned my mom or sister anyway as I would not want them to get sick, so no difference there.  I guess it was just the fact that I could not call them to come and help.  Although the one positive about my sister being in a totally different time zone was that when I was up at 3 am she was awake and able to cheer me up via BBM.  Yip, really scrounging for the positives now.

I do also have a brother in town and good friends that I could have called had I really needed help.  When your head is stuck down a toilet though it is a bit difficult to remember that though..

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This weekend – Some lows but also some highs!

This weekend had highs and lows.  I guess they all do, some just more than most.  I think I will start with the lows.

The first and most obvious low is that fact that my sister left for Australia on Friday.  I am going to (am already) miss her terribly.  Thankfully she is still on BBM etc so staying in touch is not as difficult as it used to be.  When I moved overseas in 1994 we did not even have email, never mind mobile phones…. (yes I am that old).  She had just better come back.  At least I know she will be back in April to do Ironman.

Then the second low was that Little OL ended up on casualty on Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully nothing serious, but she gave me one hell of a fright.  We were at a birthday party in the afternoon, and she just started crying.  I picked her up and she was boiling, then she started shaking.  Holy crap – I rushed out of there straight to the hospital.

The highs – I have decided to accept social invitations.  I realised how much I have been saying no to stuff lately (last 5 years) and I need to stop it.  So on Friday night Little OL and I went out.  On the first Friday of the month The Food Shed is held at the Sherwood Garden Centre.  It was loads of fun; I met new people, chatted to friends and ate some food.  Little OL had her best friend there so she was happy too.  I need to do more stuff like that.

On Sunday morning Granny OL (my mom) watched Little OL and I went and did the Sunshine Coast Trail Run.  It was just 8km, but I loved it.  I have decided that I need to try and improve my speed, so for now am going to do shorter races.  It worked for the first 4km – which were all either flat or down hill. The last 4 km were nearly all up hill – I walked!  Also as Mr OL is away and I am relying on baby sisters, I figured it is probably best if I do the shorter races for a bit.  It was so good just to get out there.  At one stage (at the top of the hill) I stopped and looked around.  You could see the sea, the dunes and the farm lands.  So beautiful and so good to be alive and out in the open.

Other highs: I took Friday off as I wanted to spend the morning with my sister before she left.  In the afternoon, I went around some of the charity shops. I  finally found something I have been looking for, for ages – a spice rack, I will do a separate post on the finished product, but I started spray painting it over the weekend.  I want to make bookshelf out of it for Little OL.   I also went to one of the malls and went people watching – sketching.  I sat in one of the coffee shops and sketched people as the walked past – just brief little sketches.  I have not done that in years!!!!!!!!  In fact not since 1998 when I lived in New Zealand.

So, there you have it.  Some lows, but also a lot of highs this weekend.   I am making changes.

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When / how do you train?

I need to get creative – and this time I am not talking about painting or drawing.  Mr OL is away for nearly 2 months and unless I get creative, this is seriously going to impact my training.

I normally do all my training in the morning, while he and Little OL sleep.  Obviously this is not going to work if he is not there.  I am also trying to decide on whether or not to enter Ironman SA 70.3 which is 20 weeks away, so if I enter I will need to start training for that shortly as.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Put my bike on the indoor training for early morning training (3 times a week)
  • Run once a week in the evenings after work. Granny OL can watch Little OL.
  • Run once a weekend – usually in a race. Granny OL or a kind friend that has already volunteered for 3 races can watch Little OL.

Then I also need to swim.  The gym has a very good kiddies’ area – so I might enrol Little OL there.  I could then go home after work, feed her dinner (she needs to eat at 5 or becomes unplayable) and then head off to the gym and put her in the kid’s zone.  I could also maybe swim once a weekend as well.  I would quite like to get Little OL swimming too, so might swim myself first and then get her from the kiddies’ area and swim with her too?

My concern is that I don’t want to spend what little time I actually have with Little OL training.  I work full time, so only get to spend the evenings and weekends with her. I don’t want to be training every night. It is one of the things I love about early morning training, it does not interfere with my time with her as she is usually asleep then anyway.  As is it I go to Art Class once a week so that time is spent away from her, which is normally not a problem, but now if I throw training in there a couple of nights a week too I will never see her.

Anyone have any creative ideas….. Or want to sponsor me a treadmill for 2 months????