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When / how do you train?

I need to get creative – and this time I am not talking about painting or drawing.  Mr OL is away for nearly 2 months and unless I get creative, this is seriously going to impact my training.

I normally do all my training in the morning, while he and Little OL sleep.  Obviously this is not going to work if he is not there.  I am also trying to decide on whether or not to enter Ironman SA 70.3 which is 20 weeks away, so if I enter I will need to start training for that shortly as.

Here are my ideas so far:

  • Put my bike on the indoor training for early morning training (3 times a week)
  • Run once a week in the evenings after work. Granny OL can watch Little OL.
  • Run once a weekend – usually in a race. Granny OL or a kind friend that has already volunteered for 3 races can watch Little OL.

Then I also need to swim.  The gym has a very good kiddies’ area – so I might enrol Little OL there.  I could then go home after work, feed her dinner (she needs to eat at 5 or becomes unplayable) and then head off to the gym and put her in the kid’s zone.  I could also maybe swim once a weekend as well.  I would quite like to get Little OL swimming too, so might swim myself first and then get her from the kiddies’ area and swim with her too?

My concern is that I don’t want to spend what little time I actually have with Little OL training.  I work full time, so only get to spend the evenings and weekends with her. I don’t want to be training every night. It is one of the things I love about early morning training, it does not interfere with my time with her as she is usually asleep then anyway.  As is it I go to Art Class once a week so that time is spent away from her, which is normally not a problem, but now if I throw training in there a couple of nights a week too I will never see her.

Anyone have any creative ideas….. Or want to sponsor me a treadmill for 2 months????

16 thoughts on “When / how do you train?

  1. What works for me and hubby, is that we gym every second evening where the kids then also are being watched over at the gym. This way, we’re not training every night, so every second evening we have more time to spent with the kids.

  2. I know its difficult when you work full time and want to spend time with your child, but it will only be for 2 months that you will be ‘training with her’ per se, so I don’t think you should feel too guilty. The fact that she is with you while you are training is also cool, Gem used to come with me to work though she would be playing for the time that I was working, she used to love it! I think it would be the same with your training. She can see ‘what mom does’ almost, if that makes any sense? But apart from my two cents worth, I don’t have any creative ideas. Maybe run with her in a pram? Let us know how it goes and good luck!

    1. I used to run with her in the pram when she was little, but as she got older she kept trying to get out. She want so run herself. Also if we pass a park or something she insists on playing on the slides – insist as in scream and climbs out. not fun at all.

      1. Nope, not any more. But to new moms I think it is a fantastic way to train. Walking with the kid only for the first few months as it is dangerous to run with a young baby.

  3. I don’t even have time to train for Urban Run wat nog te sê somethinmg like Ironman. But its true, when you work full time and has kids then its hard to find time even without taking into consideration the fact that Mr OL is away.

    1. Normally I get up at 4 and am home by 6:30, so that works great when there is somebody else here. At least I don’t travel as much as you do so it makes it easier.

    1. Urgh!! Maybe I will just have to splash out and buy a treadmill… although where to put the thing would be a major problem.

  4. It’s only 2mnths out of her entire life…. Press pause on the mom-guilt and do what u must for the next while. Goodness knows you gonna need some headspace over the coming weeks and we all know exercise is king. 😉

  5. I like Mel’s advice…. go for it. It’s only 2 months. And I think taking her to the gym is gonna be a fun thing for her, too. She’ll love the kids’ zone.
    Remember, a happy child is one with a happy mommy. So do what you need to do and don’t feel guilty. And another ‘tip’… when you do have time with little OL, make that time count. Be totally into her and have really good-quality OL time.

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