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This weekend – Some lows but also some highs!

This weekend had highs and lows.  I guess they all do, some just more than most.  I think I will start with the lows.

The first and most obvious low is that fact that my sister left for Australia on Friday.  I am going to (am already) miss her terribly.  Thankfully she is still on BBM etc so staying in touch is not as difficult as it used to be.  When I moved overseas in 1994 we did not even have email, never mind mobile phones…. (yes I am that old).  She had just better come back.  At least I know she will be back in April to do Ironman.

Then the second low was that Little OL ended up on casualty on Saturday afternoon.  Thankfully nothing serious, but she gave me one hell of a fright.  We were at a birthday party in the afternoon, and she just started crying.  I picked her up and she was boiling, then she started shaking.  Holy crap – I rushed out of there straight to the hospital.

The highs – I have decided to accept social invitations.  I realised how much I have been saying no to stuff lately (last 5 years) and I need to stop it.  So on Friday night Little OL and I went out.  On the first Friday of the month The Food Shed is held at the Sherwood Garden Centre.  It was loads of fun; I met new people, chatted to friends and ate some food.  Little OL had her best friend there so she was happy too.  I need to do more stuff like that.

On Sunday morning Granny OL (my mom) watched Little OL and I went and did the Sunshine Coast Trail Run.  It was just 8km, but I loved it.  I have decided that I need to try and improve my speed, so for now am going to do shorter races.  It worked for the first 4km – which were all either flat or down hill. The last 4 km were nearly all up hill – I walked!  Also as Mr OL is away and I am relying on baby sisters, I figured it is probably best if I do the shorter races for a bit.  It was so good just to get out there.  At one stage (at the top of the hill) I stopped and looked around.  You could see the sea, the dunes and the farm lands.  So beautiful and so good to be alive and out in the open.

Other highs: I took Friday off as I wanted to spend the morning with my sister before she left.  In the afternoon, I went around some of the charity shops. I  finally found something I have been looking for, for ages – a spice rack, I will do a separate post on the finished product, but I started spray painting it over the weekend.  I want to make bookshelf out of it for Little OL.   I also went to one of the malls and went people watching – sketching.  I sat in one of the coffee shops and sketched people as the walked past – just brief little sketches.  I have not done that in years!!!!!!!!  In fact not since 1998 when I lived in New Zealand.

So, there you have it.  Some lows, but also a lot of highs this weekend.   I am making changes.

13 thoughts on “This weekend – Some lows but also some highs!

  1. It sounds like the highs outweighed the lows… although I do hope Little OL is feeling better and it wasn’t anything serious. Making changes can be so hard… that first step can be such a challenge, It sounds as though you had a very productive weekend… good for you! 😉

    1. I hope so, but I also want her to stay for a while and enjoy it, and travel while she is there. It is such an amazing place. I just don’t want her to stay there for ever!

  2. Hope Miss OL is much better today. You sound like you are enjoying ‘the single life’!

    And i reckon the highs definately outweighed the lows. Thank heavens for the technology of today that enables us to keep in contact with our loved ones.

    Dying to see what you do with the spice rack!

  3. …and you didn’t even mention Mr OL being away as one of the lows…:-D I am glad that little OL is better and it is good that you are getting out more often.

  4. Sorry to hear about the emergency hospital visit – those are never fun. I found a few pics on an old cell phone of K in the hospital a few years back. I remember I put the thermometer under her arm, after about 3 secs it shot up to 40 and I just GRABBED her and ran out of the house without a backward glance. So scary!!!

  5. Hope everything is well with your beautiful little girl, and I am so pleased to see you still being able to have moment to enjoy all the things you love so much. You inspire me being able to do all those things Pam!

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