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And then more lows

So after a weekend where the highs outweighed the lows this week so far has been the opposite.

I picked Little OL up from day care on Monday afternoon and they told me she had vomited that afternoon.  I got her home and as I picked her out the car she vomited again.  Yes, all over me.  At least it was not in my new car!  I suppose that could be counted as a positive.  Unfortunately after that the vomiting just continued all night.  After the 5th change gave up putting new PJ’s on her and she just slept in a nappy with a towel and blanket wrapped around her.  By Tuesday afternoon she had stopped throwing up and then I started.  FUN – NOT!  By this stage I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and began to feel like everyone had deserted me.  What with Mr OL out of the country for nearly 2 months, my sister in Australia and my mom in Plett for the week?  Yip, I was feeling pretty miserable.  Wednesday did not get much better, except that Little OL and I climbed into bed and pretty much stayed there for the whole day.

All I can say is that if Little OL felt nearly as bad as I did, she handled it remarkable well.  No sense of humour failure like there was on my part.  Today I am back at work and she is back at Day Care, but I still feel like crap.

Although I was feeling pretty much all on my own, when I really thought about it not much would have been different had everyone been in town anyway.  Mr OL would have been at work – he does not usually get home until after Little OL is asleep, so no difference there, and I would not have phoned my mom or sister anyway as I would not want them to get sick, so no difference there.  I guess it was just the fact that I could not call them to come and help.  Although the one positive about my sister being in a totally different time zone was that when I was up at 3 am she was awake and able to cheer me up via BBM.  Yip, really scrounging for the positives now.

I do also have a brother in town and good friends that I could have called had I really needed help.  When your head is stuck down a toilet though it is a bit difficult to remember that though..

5 thoughts on “And then more lows

  1. I think it boils down to your personality type. You are either someone who asks for help (not me) or you don’t (me). So it’s irrelevant whehter you have an army of people around you or not.

    I just like the sympathy!

    I really do hope that you are both on the mend by now and this weekend is a ‘high’ one.


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