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The weekend that was

It was another good weekend.  Just recovering from the Gastro would have made it a good weekend, even without the other stuff.  But the other stuff made it extra good.

Saturday was a “run around” morning with a kiddie’s party in the afternoon.

Sunday was the Urban Run.

I did it last year with my sister and loved it (blog post HERE). This year there were no teams, but I decided to do it with a friend anyway and we had loads of fun, chatting, laughing, getting wet and dirty – all the time running though parts of our beautiful city that we don’t always get to see.  Firefly has put a post with pictures on his blog.

The race was just over 10km long, with 16 obstacles. These obstacle ranged from leopard crawling through a muddy field, to scaling the walls of Fort Frederick. We also got to run through a train, dive down a slip ‘n slide, climb over a truck and containers, run up and down LOTS of stairs, cross a river (which I fell in) and run up and then down the stairs of the Duckpond Pavilon at the St Georges Cricket grounds.

My mom brought Little OL to the finish and she played on the jumping castle and ran around a bit.  After a while my mom left and I decided to stay on.  Little OL and I went to the stalls for lunch and then sat with friends for the prize giving.  In the lucky draws I won a prize – a hamper from Weighless.  As I was walking up to go and collect it I realised I still had my lunch in my hand – chip ‘n Dip.  Oops!

13 thoughts on “The weekend that was

    1. yes – my friends said I should have left it with them when I went to collect the prize, but I did not think about it till I was 1/2 way up.

  1. You are one tough lady. I had such a good laugh at your choice of meal and then taking it with you to get the Weigh Less prize:-)

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