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The “right” school

Why is schooling such a bit deal!  It is not really something I thought I would have to stress about quite so soon.  Little OL only turns 3 next year and already we are try to figure out what school to send her to!

There are quite a few good schools in Port Elizabeth – both Private and Public but the problem is getting in. I have heard this is a problem countrywide.  We need to get her into a feeder Pre-Primary to get her into the “right” school, and to do that we need to start applying now.

There is a school that we are REALLY keen on and had her on the waiting list for 2014 and figured I would stress about it later. However they have just phoned me and said they have a space for 2013 and would we like to come for an interview?  Yikes!  This is all a bit soon.