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The “right” school

Why is schooling such a bit deal!  It is not really something I thought I would have to stress about quite so soon.  Little OL only turns 3 next year and already we are try to figure out what school to send her to!

There are quite a few good schools in Port Elizabeth – both Private and Public but the problem is getting in. I have heard this is a problem countrywide.  We need to get her into a feeder Pre-Primary to get her into the “right” school, and to do that we need to start applying now.

There is a school that we are REALLY keen on and had her on the waiting list for 2014 and figured I would stress about it later. However they have just phoned me and said they have a space for 2013 and would we like to come for an interview?  Yikes!  This is all a bit soon.

13 thoughts on “The “right” school

    1. Too many children and too few “good” schools. Was even a problem when I was at school, my parents battled to get me into a high school

  1. I promise you…it will always feel too soon. Go for the interview…and I am sure she is going to love interacting with children her age.

    1. We will go. She is already at a play school and LOVES it..It is just that this will be a actual pre-primary, linked to a Primary school. Also it will be a lot harder logistically for me as it is closed school holidays and does not have aftercare on a Friday. oooooo – guess it has to happen at some stage

  2. I am really behind on this, though I have a feeling Fysh will end up being homeschooled on an island somewhere.

  3. It’s a problem in the USA, too. Never was when I was a kid, but everywhere seems to be so much more crowded now. I’m sure Little OL will love it… it’s always harder on the moms having to adapt to all the logistically changes that a new school brings, but it will all work out and you’ll get into a new rhythm before you know it.

    1. The problem is once I get her into the “system” there is no getting out. I was hoping for just one more year of easiness.

    1. We will do. I will just ask loads of questions and hope that there are solutions to the logistics problem. It is a tiny school and my friend that have her kids there love it. I am really excited. Now just to see if they actually accept us after the interview.

  4. I assume you going in? A good school is hard to find. The school my girls are in also has a long waiting list but I was lucky that last year when I had to move Amandalynn they had a spot open but was told that they have no space for Lorelai until next year and will put her on a waiting list. Lucky me they made a spot for her this year as she was the only sibling on the list when a spot opened up.
    Good luck with the school search, I started when Amandalynn was born.

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